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The Methanation


BIOGAS, the methanation process

Biogas results from the process of decomposition of any organic matters deprived of oxygen, it is the methanation. The profits of the methanation reach a consensus today widely : power production in the form of biogas and of electricity, contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions etc.

VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES intervenes on the Biogas production at the methanation stage.

The methanation is the stage by which a waste treatment company, a water-treatment plant or agricultural exploitations is going to collect organic matters to submit them to a decomposition without oxygen to get back the biogas and the methane. Most of the time waste is handled in a digester which is going to allow to store and to handle organic matters. Biogas which comes from the fermentation of organic matters in the digesteur will be held and store in the gasholder VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES.

Biogas produced from this methanation is mainly constituted by methane, valued in various ways :
– burned directly in boilers to produce heat,
– burned in cogeneration engine allowing to produce at the same time some electricity and heat,
– injected in the natural gas network

Methanation concerns more particularly organic waste rich in water and to provide hardly fermentable as household waste, muds of water-treatment plants, fats and materials draining, certain waste of the food-processing industries, agricultural waste. VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES develops solutions for biogas storage of the stemming from the methanation for farms, food-processing companies, communities.




VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES gasholders is a double membrane flexible tank which allows a fluctuation in volume according to the biogas arrival from the digester. According to the volumes of handled waste the quantities of biogas will not be even, VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES storage tank was designed according to this problem of permanent adjustment. The gasholder internal membrane swells deflates according to the biogas volume. In case of strong pressure, the surplus is destroyed by peripheral equipment called the gasflare.

VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES gasholder is equipped with all the peripheral devices necessary for the functioning of the gasholder. Discover VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES gasholder peripheral devices.

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